Yes, I have a toaster fetish

I love toasters. I often use them in the strip. I think this fascination started when Anne and I were first married. She would go to garage sales and come home with old, used small appliances.

We would use them continuously until they wore out, broke, or caught on fire. When they stopped working, they would go to the basement to the growing pile of discarded but really cool small appliances. When my oldest son was young, I let him take them apart and build whatever he wanted out of them. This is where I would eventually get the idea to have Edison build inventions with old toasters.

Toasters are mechanical engineering masterpieces. They can be beautiful to look at, are relatively inexpensive, and best of all, they make toast.

Starting today, I will start featuring my “Toaster of the Month” This month’s toaster is a defibrillator toaster from I absolutely must have one of these.

Whoa! It’s December!

In case you were not aware, today is December 3rd, and like most everyone else, I’m running around trying to squeeze a million little holiday chores into an already busy day. Do I have time to blog? Not really. Do I want to blog? Absolutely! Cartooning is a lonely profession, and blogging has always given me the opportunity to say whatever it is that’s on my mind to anyone who will listen (thanks, Anne). As of this minute, I have enough blog ideas to take us to March 16th of 2067. I’ll be over 100 years old then, so I’m not promising I’ll get them all written. Look for posts about space oddities, wacky technological breakthroughs, personal achievements (I discovered I CAN make a pot of coffee using diet root beer instead of water), and other totally useless stuff related and unrelated to cartooning. If you find you have a few moments to waste every week, please consider wasting them reading this blog. You just never know what you’re going to find.