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You HAVE to check this out!!

It’s finally here. Check out Comics Kingdom , an all-new free comics site from King Features Syndicate.

At Comics Kingdom, you’ll be able to read The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee, and all of King Features’ great comics in one place every day for free.  Comment on comics just like you do here, and get to know other comics fans.

Sharing Contest Winners!


The winners are in! We diligently counted all the shares on Facebook and Twitter, wrote them on little slips of paper, put them in a hat and had our daughter draw names.

Drumroll please…

The winner of a copy of “The Edison Files: Notes From The Lab” for sharing on Facebook is:

Barbara Reynolds!

The winner of a copy of “The Edison Files: Notes From The Lab” for sharing on Twitter is:


A copy of Marion Nestle’s new book “Eat Drink Vote” arrived unexpectedly in my mailbox. For those of you not familiar with Marion Nestle, famed food author Michael Pollan describes her as the #2 most powerful foodie in America (after Michelle Obama). The book helps readers to understand how diverse factors influence their food choices and nutrition. To help Marion Nestle illustrate her points, she’s combined her text with over 250 cartoons from 42 leading cartoonists, including nine Pulitzer prize winners, all licensed through the Cartoonist Group. I’m proud to say she chose to use six Edison Lee cartoon strips. The following Sunday is one that’s featured.

Another Contest – Facebook & Twitter

We had so much fun with the comments contest that we are announcing ANOTHER contest. (See below for another winner drawing that was shipped off last week – if you are still waiting for your art, please be patient – it IS coming) –

This time the prize will be a copy of the book “The Edison Files: Notes From The Lab” and to win all you need to do is either share the strip on Facebook or Twitter (or both – the more you share, the better your chances).

Atmospheric Vortex Engines


Sometimes Anne and I thumb our way through twitter looking for little bits of scientific goodness to share with the world. The Edison comic that ran on 9-12 came from this story about Louis Michaud, the Canadian engineer who’s working on atmospheric vortex engines for generating electricity. Shortly after the strip ran, the inventor’s son contacted me and graciously requested the original to present to his father. I proudly obliged.

Comment Contest Winner Week 7

There were a lot of great comments this week – the strips about winning $1,000,000 one dollar at a time and the retail practice of clearing out the merchandise you need right now in favor of the merchandise you’ll need in 4 months seem to have particularly hit home with readers.

But the one that made me laugh out loud for the win this week comes from right here on the official site with “md”s comment on this strip:

Comment Contest Winner Week 6

This week’s winner again comes to us from Arcamax:


“Box of Skittles? No DVD collection of 50’s-60’s Rockstar performances?”  RedSamRackham

Congratulations to RedSamRackham – email me at with your mailing address and which character you’d like, who to sign the drawing to, etc.

This comment has given me the opportunity to riff on one of my pet peeves with PBS. I watch a LOT of PBS shows. The station has much of my all-time favorite programming, especially when it comes to science. Why is it then that, when they want me to open my wallet during pledge week, they promptly throw all my favorite shows out the window and show a week of Yanni at the Acropolis and motivational speakers? Taking away my favorite shows and replacing them with stuff that I not only never watch but that PBS doesn’t program the rest of the time?! This practice stymies me. I can only assume it works for them on some level.

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