Tom Magliozzi, we’ll miss you!!

Like many, many radio-listening fans of “Car Talk”, I was saddened to hear of the loss of Tom Magliozzi.

I can’t count the number of programs I’ve listened to over the years. Tom and Ray were like friends, stopping by on Saturday mornings to dispense car advice and truck loads of laughter.

I was scheduled to be in Boston over Memorial Day weekend in 2010, and with the help of Doug Berman, tried to coordinate a day when I could present Tom and Ray with the Sunday strip below. Unfortunately, they were leaving town for vacation the day before I was to arrive.

So long, Tom. We’ll miss you, and that infectious laugh of yours.

car talk 1car talk 2


Yes, it’s true. Edison will be traveling to Mars on November 28th, and he’ll be in good company. Stephan Pastis, Goat and Rat will be riding along as well. Cartoonist Scott Stantis also has a boarding pass, and at this point, I’m not sure which of his Prickly City characters he’ll be sending.

Here’s the scoop. Scott, Stephan and I were contacted by Alan Stern, Principal Investigator for the New Horizons Mission to Pluto, and founder of the education & research group UWINGU, and asked if we’d help get the word out about the “Beam Me To Mars” program, which was set up to beam messages and/or images to Mars from folks here on earth. We all three agreed to participate, and in doing so will be waving goodbye to our characters as they head off at the speed of light to our rusty neighbor on November 28th.

If you’d like to join us and write your own message to send, simply go to and click on the “Beam Me To Mars” button. George Takei, Seth Green, Homer Hickam and a host of other celebrities will be sending messages as well, so here’s your chance to be a part of something really amazingly cool.

The doors to this digital space ship will be closing on NOVEMBER 5TH, so put your creative thinking caps on and join us!

Edison_C201410242d053e402a330132a1a4005056a9545dA Prickly City strip that ran in July of this year talking about the New Horizons Mission.


Edison’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Edison has accepted Dustin’s Ice Bucket Challenge. I nominate my cartoon buddies Sarge from Beetle Bailey (Mort and Greg Walker) and Rob or Jill Kaplan from Pajama Diaries (Terri Libenson)


This short video segment was created entirely by my daughter Katherine. I think she has a bright future in animation.





Take a peek into the Edison Lee Studio

Back in January, King Features’ amazing Countess Tea posted a blog featuring the studios of some of the King cartoonists. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my act together in time to submit photos of mine. Well, it’s been six months, and I’ve finally managed to round up a few shots.

We moved into my current studio 3 years ago. Our office at that time was nice, but it was more space than we needed (some of you may have seen images of it on my Cartoonist Studio page), so, we moved to this cozy Harborside space. It sits above the harbor overlooking Lake Michigan, and is close to some of the best restaurants in the area. Best of all, it’s quiet. Guests are always welcome, so if you’re a local, or just passing through, give us a call and be sure to stop by.


My cartoonist "wall of fame"

My cartoonist “wall of fame”

More cartoon art

More cartoon art

and more cartoon art

and more cartoon art

My very uncomfortable juror's chair from the Lake County Illinois courthouse

My very uncomfortable juror’s chair from the Lake County, Illinois courthouse

Misc. Edison props

Misc. Edison props

An Edison "Price is Right" strip, signed by host Drew Carey and announcer George Gray, and a "NOVA Science Now" strip signed by David Pogue. I sometimes put celebrities in my comics, and I'm flattered when they write to tell me they like the strip.

An Edison “Price is Right” strip, signed by host Drew Carey and announcer George Gray, and a “NOVA Science Now” strip signed by David Pogue. I sometimes put celebrities in my comics, and I’m flattered when they write to tell me they like the strip.

Thank you, Netflix!

What do you do when you wake up at 5:00 a.m. with a great idea, but you don’t want to wake your lovely wife by getting up to grab the laptop? You grab the Netfilx envelope that happens to be within reach and write down your ideas. Fortunately a nub of a pencil happened to be in the vicinity as well.

netflix envelope

I’ve written enough strip ideas on bank deposit slips, grocery receipts and gum wrappers to fill a drawer.


A rare peek into the past

My first comic strip was drawn with a Rapidograph. It was the only ink tool I had, and up to that point I hadn’t analyzed the work of other cartoonists to see what they were using. Eventually, I settled on a sable brush and Speedball ink. Drawing a comic strip with a brush turned out to be a lot more difficult than I ever imagined. I was like a toddler on roller skates. I had no control , and my lines wound up all over the place. I knew the results I wanted, so I stuck with it, and eventually got the hang of it.

BILL 2This is an example of one of those early brushed strips. My lack of control is evident, but I had to start somewhere. Now I can’t imagine not using a brush. Switching tools would be like asking me to all of the sudden drive on the left side of the road.

Edison Lee Perks on Kenosha Festival Of Cartooning Indiegogo!

I’ve dug around through my Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee ephemera and come up with King Features Sales Kits from the original 2006 launch to offer for the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning fundraising campaign on Indiegogo!

sales kit_poster

The full color kit, with illustrations on the front and back covers as well as the inside front cover, is on 100 lb card stock with a pocket containing:

  • Character Descriptions
  • Artist Bio
  • 4 Full Color Sunday Strip Samples
  • 24 Black and White Daily Strip Samples
  • The Back Cover Illustration is the same as the poster

I also unearthed copies of a special 14 x14 inch square promotional poster designed especially for newspaper editors – the invention depicted is that of a “Newspaper Distiller” and the joke centers around the relationship between newspapers and TV news.


A limited quantity of these perks are available on Indiegogo – head over and claim yours!!