Announcing a Contest! Win Edison Drawings!

Exciting News!! I’ve decided to run a contest for the next 8 weeks for the best comment (funny and non-snarky) on an Edison strip running on the following platforms:

1. This official King Features Edison Lee page.

2 The Disqus on Comics Kingdom which you can find by clicking here

3 The Disqus on Arcamax which you can find by clicking here

4. Dailyink subscription which you can find by clicking here

(You must be a Dailyink subscriber to comment on Dailyink – which is a steal for about $20 a year and gets you access to ALL King Features comics!)

Orville for comment contest

If we had been running this contest last week THIS is the comment I would have chosen. Snidely says He looks like a mascot for the Baltimore Orioles”. 

What you can win: A personalized original drawing of an Edison character (you can choose which one you would like)
Who will choose the winning comment: I will personally be selecting my favorites
Limitations: Winning limited to one time per month per commenter
Facebook comments will NOT count – If you are reading Edison on Facebook, please take the time to click through the link to the official Edison site and post your comment there.
How to claim your prize: Winning comments will be posted on the official site every Monday by 12:00 noon central time. I will be using your screen name to credit you so you will need to email me at and give me your contact info so that I can send you your drawing.

(Here’s a tip – your best chance to win is to make me laugh out loud as the comment shown above most definitely did. You needn’t be reverent – go ahead and poke fun at the joke or the characters – (although comments like “this strip totally sucks” are not likely to earn you the prize.)

Get out there and comment on Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee comic strips today!!!

Note: These links may take you to the page for 7/29 – use the forward buttons on each site to get current strips.


So, who IS that masked man?

Six days and counting until the world meets it’s newest superhero. The latest rumor is that he’s actually one of the regular characters in the strip. Is he? You decide.



(Our mysterious man of wonder bending steel with his bare hands)



Edison meets…

One of Edison’s favorite things is meeting famous cartoonists. Over the past 7 years he’s put together a pretty awesome photo album of the folks he’s met. Starting today (with his permission) I’ll be sharing those pics with the public. Let’s start off with a bang with the fabulously talented, man about town, Arnold Roth and his lovely wife Caroline.

To check out Arnie’s iconic work and follow his blog “Humblug” click here.



On Monday, July 22nd, the Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee will introduce a new superhero to the comic’s page. Follow the adventures of Captain Orange Julius as he and Edison set out to make the world safe from international terrorists, litterers, jaywalkers and those annoying people who behave rudely in line at the Jolly Burger.

“Who is this mystery person?” you ask. I had hoped to introduce him to you today, but he’s having a little trouble slipping into his spandex supersuit. Check in next week, same time, same place, and I’ll make sure he’s ready.



Edison and his genetically modified wheat

For the next 2 weeks, the Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee will follow the adventures of Edison’s genetically modified wheat stalk which has escaped from his lab. I wrote this series after I read about the discovery of Monsanto’s genetically engineered glyphosate-resistant wheat in an Oregon field.

I have found dozens of arguments for and against genetically altered crops, and until substantial proof emerges one way or the other about the benefits or dangers, the debate will linger on. Personally, I’m not a big proponent of GM crops. Trying to re-engineer the earth is a very dangerous business, and, I’m sorry to say, there is just too much we don’t know about the long-term effects on us and the planet. I like to think of the universe as a giant, billion-piece puzzle. We find 2 pieces that match and think we can see the entire picture. In the case of GM crops, I think the big picture will always remain elusive.

To read more about the rogue Oregon wheat, go to

To read more about the adventures of Edison’s rogue wheat, stay tuned to this site!


The Lemonade Stand

When I was growing up I never once set up a lemonade stand in front of my house. I was either too lazy, or the thought just never crossed my mind. I honestly don’t remember. My own children, on the other hand, were regular lemonade-stand entrepreneurs. They kept at it all summer long because, in our neighborhood, there were lots of cyclists who were always looking for an excuse to stop to rest for a minute. And, it didn’t hurt that we had the type of neighbors who would buy one glass and tip the kids $5. This happened often. It wasn’t unusual for them to haul in $20 or more for a few hours work. Eventually they got  bored selling only lemonade and branched out into little cups of Chex mix, cut flowers, even drawings and sculptures. For several years the kids even set up an art fair on the front lawn, and invited kids and adults from all over the neighborhood to buy and sell art.

I like when Edison decides to open his lemonade stand because I never know what crazy marketing strategy he’s going to try next. These latest strips show just how far he’ll go to maximize profits. Unfortunately, this series is all too true.


Highlights from the 67th Annual NCS Reuben Awards in Pittsburgh!

The Reuben awards weekend is often described as the “Oscars” of cartooning, but Anne and I think this description falls short. The black tie award night (Saturday) is only one component of a weekend jam packed with presentations by cartoonists and evening social events. For me, 4 days is not nearly enough time to catch up with all of my cartoonist friends. I’m sorry to admit that there were some friends I never had the opportunity to talk to.

I was thrilled when it was announced that this year’s event would take place in Pittsburgh. I say this because as well-traveled as I am, Pittsburgh is a city that has never crossed my path. Having now been there, I can honestly say I was not disappointed! The Mayor issued a big welcome to all of the cartoonists, and the city’s own Toonseum organized a spectacular comic art festival.

Highlights of the festival include a gallery show of original art by over 60 past Reuben winners, from Rube Goldberg himself (the Reuben award is named after him and the award statue was designed by him) to last year’s honoree Tom Richmond of MAD Magazine fame; a Sunday afternoon panel discussion featuring Lynn Johnston, Cathy Guisewite, Hilary Price, Jen Sorensen and Terri Libenson; a block party (they closed off the entire block for this event) which featured a chalk drawing jam on the street and various comic vendors; and artists signing for fans throughout the afternoon at the August Wilson Center. Edison Lee appears in one of the local Pittsburgh area newspapers, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet some of his fans.

Kudos to the Toonseum and Jo Wos for their tireless work on this incredible event. Also, many thanks to the local media for recognizing what an incredible thing it is to have over 300 internationally recognized cartoonists descend on their city.

This year was especially important to me because of my recent appointment to the NCS Board of Directors. I’m honored to be joining President Tom Richmond, Hilary Price, Bill Morrison, Sean Parkes, John Kovaleski, Ed Steckley and Darrin Bell. I’m replacing long-time member Jerry Van Amerongen as treasurer.

Finally, I must thank Tom Richmond, Anna Richmond, Crow Segal Management, Jo Wos, and all the volunteers who helped make the weekend the huge success that it was.

Anne will be posting more photos throughout the week on her “Behind the Scenes” blog.


Me, Tom Richmond, Bill Morrison, Hilary Price, and Jeff Keane at “The Speakeasy”

Lemon John Anne

At the awards banquet with J. Lemon (Rabbits Against Magic)

jeff steve

Jeff Parker and Steve Kelley (Dustin)


Jeff Keane (Family Circus), me, and Mark Tatulli (Lio), hoping the cops don’t bust up the joint.