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Comment Contest Winner For Week Four…

This week’s winner is Mark R Engel! Here is the strip and winning comment:


“My son’s list required 20 pencils, and a sidenote for his specific teacher says to bring another 20. I haven’t used 40 pencils in my life, and I’m an artist.”

That strip about school supply lists really seems to have touched a nerve – it was also selected as Mike Peterson’s “Comic Strip Of The Day” for August 25. If you are unfamiliar with Mike’s blog, and you love comics, you should be checking it out daily. A former newspaper editor and writer, Mike delivers high quality commentary on topics determined by whichever comic makes him laugh hardest (or sometimes gets him on a soapbox) that day. Unlike websites that just run comics down with snarky commentary, it’s an inspiring daily read. Click here to visit “Comic Strip Of The Day”.

Art For The First Winner In The Comment Contest

Edison_comment prize 1

It takes me a week or two to get special commissions worked into my production schedule but here is the finished art for contest winner T.G.Riches. (Click here to see his winning comment and how it ties into this drawing.)

As you can see, these drawings will not only be personalized but I will do my best to work the gist of your comment into the drawing in some way.

Contest Winner For Week Three

This week’s winner is Michael Pohrer for his comment on the strip that ran on Wednesday August 14.


“But wait, if you order now we will also include the amazing Cable Cranium Mullet crafted from the finest copper wire. Amaze your friends with a shimmering copper coiffe that can also be used as an all purpose kitchen scrubber. Eradicate baked on skillet stains, and afterwards dress up your head with a manly mane. Order your Amazing Cable Cranium Mullet now!” – Michael Pohrer

John Hambrock, COME ON DOWN!

I like game shows, especially “The Price is Right.” Since Edison launched in 2006, I’ve written more than a dozen “Price is Right” strips. I like to take the basic premise of the program and add my own “what if” elements to it.

Recently I received an email from the agency that represents George Gray, the announcer on the show. George had really liked the strip that ran on April 26 and wanted the original. I happily obliged, signing the art and sending it off to him. In return, he offered to sign one of the other show strips for me. To my surprise, and delight, Drew Carey signed it as well. It’s a real kick when folks I’ve featured in the strip enjoy Edison and ask for a copy.

And The Winner Is…….

The winner for the first week of the Edison Lee Comment Contest is…… (Drumroll please)

David T.G. Riches for his comment on the strip that ran August 1.content.php

“I can see a pillow sack full of oranges as a cruel weapon of justice in the future!”

There were a lot of great comments this week and it was hard to choose. This one may have won because of my secret desire to fight crime with a pillowcase full of oranges. Or it could be that I wish I’d thought of giving Orville that prop. Whatever the reason it made me laugh out loud harder than any of the other comments this week.

So, who IS that masked man?

Six days and counting until the world meets it’s newest superhero. The latest rumor is that he’s actually one of the regular characters in the strip. Is he? You decide.



(Our mysterious man of wonder bending steel with his bare hands)



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