Star Wars Meets Star Trek – And Beyond…

One of the perks of writing a comic strip is that you can let your mind wander into all sorts of wild places. You sit down one day and ask yourself, “What would happen if….”

In my case the recent question was what would happen if Edison’s Star Wars Holospheric adventure were infused with some outside DNA. I started with just the idea of adding some Star Trek but it quickly spun into some unanticipated territory.

For those of you who missed it, here is that series – I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

1 content.php2 content.php3 content.php4 content.php5 content.php6 Tatooine? Or California?7 Here's our ride...8 beam me up9 Our heroes race to the Death Star10 content.php11 Darth Trump

President Trump!

‘Tis the season! The political season, that is. Is it me or has it gotten off to an early start? With all the focus on the ‘Donald’ these days, I couldn’t help but jump into the fray with this strip.


And, as the season heats up, look for many more strips with the Senator. He’s my favorite go-to for political jokes.



We recently spent a few days at a cabin up north. I knew going into the weekend that I would come away with material from the strip. I just didn’t know what. Sure enough, I wrote a series of strips (currently running as of this post) based veeeeery loosely on our experiences. Of course, we did not encounter any pirates, but we did run into a number of fish who delighted in laughing at our fishing abilities.Edison_C20150727cabin w laddie and boat

Edison Lee for US Senator

When I created Edison back in the late 1990’s, he was just a typical kid doing typical things. Then the 2000 presidential election rolled around. Though the country didn’t seem nearly as polarized as it does now, it was obvious that the tone of politics had turned the corner into ugly. If you were a Democrat, the whole election was a huge disappointment. I had, and probably always will, vote Democrat, and it frustrated me to see what most saw as a legitimate election being stolen out from under us. It was at that point that I started writing politics into my material. Through it I was able to express my frustration and dissatisfaction with the system. Surprisingly, the material I was coming up with worked – enough so that it caught the eye of King Features, and… well… here I am.

I love using Senator Ottoman in the strip. We’ve entered into another exciting election cycle, so expect to see many more of these, and other hot issue strips, in the coming year. Who knows, maybe Edison will run for office in the near future.


New Horizons

Those of you who read Edison Lee regularly know I like to write about space as much as possible. Stories of space exploration have always fascinated me, beginning almost 38 years ago when NASA launched the Voyager 1 probe. Today’s post is a reflection of that day, as well as a celebration of yesterday’s milestone “New Horizons” flyby of Pluto.

I wrote the attached strip while visiting the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum with my wife Anne and fellow cartoonist Greg Walker. One reader kindly wrote to me after the strip ran informing me that three-legged tables don’t wobble. That may be the case on earth, but do we really know how these things behave in other galaxies? I think we need to send out another probe to try and find out.


They keep suspending my PayPal account!!!


What is going on?!! Three to four times a week I get an email notice telling me my PayPal account has been suspended. What? Have I not paid them some undisclosed fee? Did I offend them in some way? Did I — wait, I don’t have a PayPal account.

So my question is: “Who falls for this?” Are there really people out there who see this email, open it, plug in all their personal information, from account number to date of birth, religious affiliation, SS number, mom’s maiden name, whether they’re “Coke” or “Pepsi”, blah blah blah… Apparently so. I keep hoping that after 306,452 tries on me, they will finally give up and leave me alone.


Starting work on another seven strips for the week led me to wonder just how many I’ve created in the 8 1/2 years I’ve been creating “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee”. The answer: Approx. 3000, give or take a handful. Below is the very first Edison Sunday strip that launched in newspapers on November 12, 2006.

Edison_C20061112And here is the Sunday that ran last week.

Edison_C20150118And in between are 3000+ little daily vignettes of the fictional family living inside my head.

If I were to take every Edison Lee daily and Sunday strip I’ve created and stack them end to end, they would reach as tall as three Sears Towers (as a former Chicagoan, I can NOT bring myself to call it by its new name, the Willis Tower).

SEARS-TOWER-GRAPHICI have nearly seventeen 1-1/2″ three-ring binders full of copies of every strip. Two binders is a full year.

NOTEBOOKSIt’s gonna take 882,308,003 comic strips stacked end to end to reach to the moon. I better get to work.

Banking! AAAAARGH!

I have a love/hate relationship with our banks. I say banks, because over the years, Anne and I have managed to open a number of different accounts with various banks, for a number of reasons. Several years ago we decided to open up a new checking account for our youngest son, who was about to head off to college. Naturally, we chose to do it through a bank we’d been doing business with for over 20 years. It was a shared account, which means Anne could deposit money as needed for school expenses, etc. One day, she and I went into the local branch of this bank to make a deposit (I won’t say the name of this bank, but I will tell you its logo has three initials in it), only to discover that our son, thinking Anne had already put in the money, had written some checks, which he assumed were good. They weren’t. The first check he wrote would’ve cleared with the amount he had in the account. But what the bank did was bounce the large check he wrote later first, and then proceed to bounce the smaller checks. When we asked the teller for a breakdown of the account, we discovered that there were $140.00 in bounced check fees (fees totaling more than the amount of the checks in question!). Our son should’ve gotten confirmation from us that the money had indeed been deposited, so this was partially our fault. How the bank handled the whole situation was unacceptable. It’s widely known that banks will (or at least used to), in the event of insufficient funds, often clear the largest check first, so that all of the other smaller checks bounce as well. When we explained the situation to the teller, and told her we were long-time customers, she was not able to offer any sort of break on these fees. This was an unfortunate mistake on our part, and the bank took advantage of it. Shortly after, we closed all of our accounts with this bank.

I wrote this strip after it was all over. And this bank lost some very good customers over $140.00.