Edison Lee for US Senator


When I created Edison back in the late 1990’s, he was just a typical kid doing typical things. Then the 2000 presidential election rolled around. Though the country didn’t seem nearly as polarized as it does now, it was obvious that the tone of politics had turned the corner into ugly. If you were a Democrat, the whole election was a huge disappointment. I had, and probably always will, vote Democrat, and it frustrated me to see what most saw as a legitimate election being stolen out from under us. It was at that point that I started writing politics into my material. Through it I was able to express my frustration and dissatisfaction with the system. Surprisingly, the material I was coming up with worked – enough so that it caught the eye of King Features, and… well… here I am.

I love using Senator Ottoman in the strip. We’ve entered into another exciting election cycle, so expect to see many more of these, and other hot issue strips, in the coming year. Who knows, maybe Edison will run for office in the near future.



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