They keep suspending my PayPal account!!!



What is going on?!! Three to four times a week I get an email notice telling me my PayPal account has been suspended. What? Have I not paid them some undisclosed fee? Did I offend them in some way? Did I — wait, I don’t have a PayPal account.

So my question is: “Who falls for this?” Are there really people out there who see this email, open it, plug in all their personal information, from account number to date of birth, religious affiliation, SS number, mom’s maiden name, whether they’re “Coke” or “Pepsi”, blah blah blah… Apparently so. I keep hoping that after 306,452 tries on me, they will finally give up and leave me alone.


2 thoughts on “They keep suspending my PayPal account!!!

  1. My favorite scam is the “Microsoft” technician who cold calls you and tells you that they have detected a virus on your computer. Usually a dude with a heavy Indian accent and the worst phone connection known to mankind. 99% of the population does not fall for these things. However, all it takes is someone from that 1%, and all that persistence has paid for itself.

  2. They prey on the tiny percentage who are stupid enough to fall for it. Even if that is. 01% bulk spamming makes it worthwhile. There’s an argument for charging everyone a fraction of a penny for each email sent. ..

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