Starting work on another seven strips for the week led me to wonder just how many I’ve created in the 8 1/2 years I’ve been creating “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee”. The answer: Approx. 3000, give or take a handful. Below is the very first Edison Sunday strip that launched in newspapers on November 12, 2006.

Edison_C20061112And here is the Sunday that ran last week.

Edison_C20150118And in between are 3000+ little daily vignettes of the fictional family living inside my head.

If I were to take every Edison Lee daily and Sunday strip I’ve created and stack them end to end, they would reach as tall as three Sears Towers (as a former Chicagoan, I can NOT bring myself to call it by its new name, the Willis Tower).

SEARS-TOWER-GRAPHICI have nearly seventeen 1-1/2″ three-ring binders full of copies of every strip. Two binders is a full year.

NOTEBOOKSIt’s gonna take 882,308,003 comic strips stacked end to end to reach to the moon. I better get to work.


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