Announcing a Contest! Win Edison Drawings!


Exciting News!! I’ve decided to run a contest for the next 8 weeks for the best comment (funny and non-snarky) on an Edison strip running on the following platforms:

1. This official King Features Edison Lee page.

2 The Disqus on Comics Kingdom which you can find by clicking here

3 The Disqus on Arcamax which you can find by clicking here

4. Dailyink subscription which you can find by clicking here

(You must be a Dailyink subscriber to comment on Dailyink – which is a steal for about $20 a year and gets you access to ALL King Features comics!)

Orville for comment contest

If we had been running this contest last week THIS is the comment I would have chosen. Snidely says He looks like a mascot for the Baltimore Orioles”. 

What you can win: A personalized original drawing of an Edison character (you can choose which one you would like)
Who will choose the winning comment: I will personally be selecting my favorites
Limitations: Winning limited to one time per month per commenter
Facebook comments will NOT count – If you are reading Edison on Facebook, please take the time to click through the link to the official Edison site and post your comment there.
How to claim your prize: Winning comments will be posted on the official site every Monday by 12:00 noon central time. I will be using your screen name to credit you so you will need to email me at and give me your contact info so that I can send you your drawing.

(Here’s a tip – your best chance to win is to make me laugh out loud as the comment shown above most definitely did. You needn’t be reverent – go ahead and poke fun at the joke or the characters – (although comments like “this strip totally sucks” are not likely to earn you the prize.)

Get out there and comment on Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee comic strips today!!!

Note: These links may take you to the page for 7/29 – use the forward buttons on each site to get current strips.



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